Parliament Buildings Budapest


My agency is a member of the travel consortium, Signature Travel Group. With almost 400 hundred travel agency members and over 2000 travel advisors, we have a lot of “buying” power with our travel vendor partners such as cruise lines, tour companies, hotels and airlines, etc. We offer expert planning services and lower costs and added benefits when you use our services.

It’s hard to be an expert in everything so we have chosen cruises and tours as our focus. We are experts in small group tours and cruises all over the world. The cruise types we have expertise in are river cruises, ocean cruises between 400 and 6500 passengers, corporate incentive cruises, family and friends group cruises, sailboats, and private yachts for hire.

“We know because we go” is our agency motto. Our expertise comes from our experience on these cruises and tours. I’ve been on over 100 cruises since 2002. The cruise lines and tour companies know it’s important for me to experience what they have to offer. They understand it’s my experience that allow’s me to help you choose the right tour or cruise.

The fastest growing travel experience today is river cruising! You get to experience the interior of countries without unpacking

and packing. We get notified of sailings that have had cancellations and have openings at deep discounts. If you are on our list we can pass those discounted sailings to you. Last month I was on the Danube River in Austria and Germany. This time I got to experience the luxury line, Crystal River Cruises. This ship has a large indoor swimming pool, spa, electric bikes, and gourmet cuisine. The photo above is a nighttime photo of the Parliament Building in Budapest, Hungary.

Are you a member of a a group of people who do activities together? I can help you be the Pied Piper of that group. A Pied Piper is
someone who gets the group excited about traveling together as a group and in return their cost is deeply discounted. Bike groups, book clubs, church groups, game groups, exercise groups, incentive groups etc. Bring me your group and I do all the trip planning for you.

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Next Month: What you need to know about travel insurance.