Alaska is such an easy destination to get to, there is no excuse not to visit. This great land with it’s beautiful views of scenery and
wildlife will take your breath away.

And the best part? You’ll have many wonderful options on how to visit Alaska.

Let’s start with the easiest way for us Oregonians to reach Alaska: First, drive or take Amtrak to Seattle. Seattle hosts seven major cruise lines sailing 7 nights round trip to Alaska. You’ll visit 3-4 Alaskan ports and see one of the three major glaciers. You will also visit Victoria, Canada on all sailings out of Seattle because of a maritime law – the Jones Act – that requires cruise ships to visit a foreign port when traveling to and from a US port. The stop in Victoria usually gives you enough time to go into town for dinner or visit beautiful Butchart Gardens.

The other option is a 7 night round trip cruise out of Vancouver, Canada. The advantage here is that you spend more time in the Alaskan ports because you don’t have to stop in Victoria, You’ll also cruise more along the Inside Passage, a water route between the Gulf of Alaska and Puget Sound.

Another great way to see Alaska is to add a land tour on to your cruise. Denali National Park with it’s 6 million aces is

a must see. Between Vancouver, BC and Anchorage, the cruise lines offer 7 night one way cruises. You’ll have a choice of sailing northbound from Vancouver or southbound from Anchorage. Once you decide on your sailing, then your choice is how many days you want to spend on land in this beautiful country. Three to nine days are your options.

Still another popular route is to start your tour in Fairbanks and head south by train or motor coach. A typical tour begins with a night or two in Fairbanks. This is where you’ll have your best choice of seeing the Northern Lights. From Fairbanks you’ll travel to the town of Denali where you will spend another night or two. Then it’s on to Anchorage. About an hour’s drive away is where you will board your cruise for a 7 night sailing.

There are so many other wonderful options, I don’t have enough space to write about all them.

This is one trip you’ll definitely want help from experts like us!

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