Lake Bled Covid-19 Travel Update

“It’s a jungle out there” is what we tell our clients when canceling and rebooking their vacations during this pandemic.

Here are a few differences comparing our process to someone who makes their own reservations.

DO IT YOURSELFERS: Books online with a discounter, a big box travel agency or directly with the cruise line. Price is the only thing that is important to this person or that gift certificate the big box travel agency offers. He or she may not be aware if the cruise is a good fit for them as they booked on price only.
CRUISE AND TRAVEL SPECIALISTS: Our travel advisors have relationships with the cruise companies and have been on hundreds of cruises. We understand the differences between the cruise lines to assist you in making the right choice. We are offered special pricing and amenities for you. We have a low price alert on our computer and if your fare decreases we will reprice your fare.

DO IT YOURSELFERS: Spends hours researching which tour to go on only to find out the lowest priced tour does not stay in city center hotels.
CRUISE AND TRAVEL SPECIALISTS: We are trained by our travel partners in educational seminars or on familiarization trips. Selecting the best tour for you is the upmost importance to us and that low price tour is most likely not a bargain.

DO IT YOURSELFERS: Books through an online air company or directly with the airline. Most times they are not aware of the different fare codes. That low price they were so excited about is for a middle seat with luggage restrictions.
CRUISE AND TRAVEL SPECIALISTS: We have contracts with airline consolidators that offer deep discounts on contract air or cruise air. We know the fare code differences. Our consolidators only work with travel professionals.

When using our services for a cruise or guided vacation we will assist with hotel reservations, transfers, airline reservations, travel insurance, and shore excursions.

DO IT YOURSELFERS: Spends hours on the phone trying to get in touch with the airline, cruise line, hotels, etc to cancel only to find out the cancellation fees are huge. Check for yourself the angry comments on discounters Facebook pages.
CRUISE AND TRAVEL SPECIALISTS: No wait time as we assist our clients in cancelling and rebooking their trips. We are in the customer service business!

Photo taken in Lake Bled. Slovenia, September 2019.

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