Egypt Lauren & Pyramids

What an experience I had while visiting Egypt in December!

My message to you is Egypt is not only safe but the Egyptian people were very welcoming and friendly.

The ancient Egyptian story is a great one. From 3000 BC until 332 BC, 30 dynasty’s ruled the county until Alexander the Great conquered the country.

Egypt remains a land of mysteries and wonders. The first calendar and the first stone building erected by man, (the Stone Pyramid) was created by ancient Egyptians. There is so much to experience and discover. Between the crazy driving in Cairo, the many Temples throughout Egypt, the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and the hieroglyphs that adorn the walls and the very vital EgNile River are all great reasons Egypt should be on your bucket list of places to visit.

The ancient rulers changed their titles from Kings to Pharaoh’s because it was believed a pharaoh was a god. The power they had was intensified and they were worshiped by their people.

In order to keep the bloodline pure and to insure their dynasty is carried on, the pharaohs married a close relative such as a sister or half sister. The pharaohs believed they were descended from the gods and incest was seen as acceptable so as to retain the sacred bloodline.

However, what they were unaware at the time there was the severe consequences of family inbreeding.

Most people have heard of King Tutankjamun. Aka, King Tut. He suffered from malformations caused by his parents being siblings. His tomb, discovered in 1922, is the only tomb found intact in the Valley of the Kings. It was built deep down in the mountain, making it hard for tomb robbers to find. Egyptians built their pharaohs tomb from the time they became pharaohs until their death. King Tut ruled for only 10 years, dying at age 19. His tomb length was very short compared to other pharaoh’s such as Ramesses II who lived to be 93 years old and ruled for 67 years.

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This photo is of my daughter Lauren Gault Joyce. Lauren joined my agency in June after working years for American Express as a travel advisor in their luxury division.

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