All Inclusive Luxury Cruising

Should you go premium or luxury ?

One statement I hear quite a lot from my clients; ” I would love to go luxury but it is too expensive!”.   My first question, when presented with this objection, is to ask my client to recall how much in total they spent on their last cruise with Celebrity, Holland America,  Disney or even Princess..

Most folks are pleasantly surprised  when we sit down and do the math from start to finish. The step-up to luxury cruising is not that big of a leap financially.  And the reason is simple :  “Add-Ons .”

Premium cruise lines provide top quality service, but typically all that is included is the actual cost of your cruise. Such things as airfare, gratuities, shore excursions. wi fi and transfers are extra.  By the time one adds all of this on top of the cruise fare, your vacation cost can double.

 Spa & Infinity Pool aboard Regent Seven Seas

Spa & Infinity Pool aboard Regent Seven Seas

The beauty of luxury cruise lines such as Regent Seven Seas are that they are all inclusive. Everything is included in your package price, so you know up front what the cost of your vacation will be.  And the best part is; total vacation cost compares very favorably to premium cruising especially if you are planing to vacation in Europe.  As an example, on a Regent Seven Seas Cruise you can expect the following to be included.

  • FREE Business Class Air on All Intercontinental Flights
  • Roundtrip Air on Domestic Flights
  • Unlimited Shore Excursions
  • Unlimited WiFi throughout the ship
  • Unlimited Beverages, Including Fine Wines and Spirits
  • Specialty Restaurants
  • Transfers Between Airport and Ship
  • 1-Night Pre-Cruise Luxury Hotel and more in Concierge Suites and Above