Luxury World Travel - Jet travel

We Americans are known for leaving vacation time on the table. We just can’t seem to find the time to take that once in a life time trip. If you are reading this article, that means you also received the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts 56th Annual Magazine in your newspaper.

I have showcased two trips in the Festival of the Arts Magazine. On one trip, you’ll visit nine cities around the world in twenty-four days. The other trip is a nineteen day regional trip to southern Europe. The photo above is me sitting on the airplane.

These are just two experiences you can enjoy on a privately chartered jet! Every seat can turn into a bed. Traveling usually occurs during the day so you can get that good night’s sleep in your first class hotel before experiencing private tours with local guides and expedition teams. When possible, you’ll land at private airports avoiding lengthy security lines. Your luggage will be taken directly to your hotel suite. You will never touch it. All of your food and beverages, including select wine and beer, are included. Wow!

Another popular way to travel these days includes small yachts. Some of you tell me the smaller the better. How about exploring Indonesia on a beautiful yacht with fifteen suites.

Or sail on the Mekong River on a yacht with only twenty suites. My favorite is the sixteen-suite yacht on the Amazon.

A brand new yacht that is being built as I write this has a multi sensory underwater lounge so you can observe ocean life while staying dry!

My point to writing this article is to show you there are many experiences my travel partners are creating for you that you may not even know about. I attend seminars and meetings year round to gain knowledge on what is new and exciting. You can spend hours searching on your own for these types of experiences, but as a professional travel advisor, I have first hand knowledge of what is new and different for you to experience.

My husband Pete and I have a deal that if we see something to buy that requires dusting, we don’t buy it. We want to spend our money on experiences that will live in our minds forever.

We have one life to live. Surprise your loved one or go alone. You’ll never be alone on these small passenger trips.

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