navigating Covid - eiffel tower

The most confusing thing about traveling to Europe these days is figuring out just what is expected of you before you leave on your trip and what happens should you test positive for Covid before flying home.

When we flew to France this month, some of us were told by the Delta Airlines gate agent that we had to complete a form before we departed. Others at a different check in point were told nothing. We found out France didn’t ask for any paperwork. A lot of worrying about nothing.

We spent a couple of weeks in France and abided by their rules of wearing a mask on mass transit. That included our river boat cruise in Bordeaux. After a 4 day extension in Paris, one person in our group tested positive for Covid before flying back to the United States. She remained in Paris under quarantine for 6 more days until she tested negative for Covid.

This is where the tricky part comes in. Until the requirement is lifted of a negative Covid test 24 hours before your flight is scheduled to fly to the US, make sure you bring enough prescription medicine, contacts, etc, in case you find yourself with an extended stay in Europe.

Make sure you cancel your flight with the airlines, before your return flight departs. If not, you will be considered a“no show”. If you cancel prior to your flight departing, you may be given a credit to apply toward your new return flight.

From France we went to The Netherlands on a Rhine River cruise. Another member in our group tested positive for Covid before her return flight. Switzerland removed all Covid restrictions April 1st so this person was free to move around Basel until she tests negative.

Now the question is how much, if any, travel insurance will reimburse our clients for their expenses. We travel advisors can only refer all questions to the insurance companies. We will assist our clients in making a claim. We can do little else. That will be another article I’ll write when I find out more details.

My advice is go on that trip you’ve been looking forward to as long as you understand you could have a surprise or two when you travel due to Covid protocols. Don’t get upset. Just like Covid, we have no control over the consequences.

Feature image of  the Eiffel Tower courtesy of  the author.