Norwegian Prima & The Haven Review | with Beth Schulberg

 Travel expert Beth Schulberg, owner of Cruise & Travel Specialists of Lake Oswego Oregon, joins Ken from RTE Travel Talk to review her recent voyage aboard Norwegian’s newest ship, the Prima. Beth and Ken discuss the unique features of the ship, and just how well-suited Norwegian is for multigenerational cruising. Of particular interest is Norwegians novel concept of ships with in ships known as the Haven. This exclusive and secluded area of the Prima is dedicated to those guests looking for the luxury cruise experience of a small 300-passenger luxury cruise line but with the option to enjoy the plethora of features aboard a 3000-passenger ship such as the many dining options, stage shows, and on board activities that appeal across all generations. In keeping with multigenerational cruising, Beth details the many on board activities that appeal to the younger generation such as racetracks, virtual reality experiences, and of course, waterslides. The Prima being the first in Norwegians new class of downsized ships, Beth enlightens viewers on Norwegian’s history of being a trendsetter in the cruise industry.

If you are looking for a luxury cruise experience but with all the contemporary cruise ship activities, this information is for you!