Egyptian Road Planning your vacation


1. Prepare you for your travel experience: The world is not opening up at the same time. We will research your destination extensively.
2. Screen every travel company: We are a member of a travel consortium called Signature Travel Network. Our products and services are vetted to insure you have the best of the best.
3. We will hold your hand: We will offer sound advice on destinations, safety, travel requirements and health concerns. We know which travel vendors offer the choice of refunds or future travel credits.
4. Help you navigate the rules of travel: We are experts and can answer your questions about airlines, cruise lines and hotel cancellation policies along with travel insurance questions.
5. We are here for you 24/7: We answer our phones, return calls and check emails. You don’t have that assurance when booking with a big box discounter or online travel agency.
6. We advocate for you: When problems arise we are there to advocate for you. Never has that more noticeable than during these times.
7. We are problem solvers: We have relationships with our travel vendor partners to help solve issues.
8. We take away a lot of stress: Why worry about something when we are here to help?

This is a true story that happened this week. One of our travel advisors received a call from a person she had never talked to. This man found her name on a cruise line website under preferred travel advisors to book with. She returned his call and found out he booked with a large online travel agency. They were not answering their phones or emails. He tried to call the cruise line but the wait time was hours long. He needed to find out if his cruise had been cancelled but he could find no one to help him. Even through he didn’t book his trip with our agency, our advisor emailed our personal contact at the cruise line and got him the information he needed within a few hours. He told her from now on he would be calling her first.

Most travel companies have instituted a “travel with peace of mind” type policy. You can cancel for any reason prior to when your trip starts and receive a future travel credit.

There is a lot to sort through. We are here to help.

Next Month: Covid-19 Travel Update #4