As I write this article, I’m sitting on a airplane flying to Boston to go on my 105th cruise. The gentleman beside me made a comment I hear often. “How’s the travel agency business? With the internet, I would think that travel agents are extinct.”

I’m here to tell you that we are not extinct. We are thriving.

Here are 6 reasons why we are thriving:

1. Buying Power: My agency belongs to a
travel group called Signature Travel Network. There are 221 agencies in the network and over 7000 travel advisors. Many cruise lines and tour companies are our partners. These partners provide discount pricing and amenities for us to offer to our clients. One example is a complimentary “Private Car and Driver” excursion on our luxury cruises.

2. Destination Knowledge: “We Know Because We Go” is our motto. Eight travel advisors work with my agency. One of us is usually traveling somewhere so we can give you first hand knowledge of your destination. Just this morning I received this email from my client. “Hi Beth….you are a wealth of ideas!”

3. Expert Trip Planning: We plan your entire trip from the beginning to the end. Flights, cruise, hotels, tours, insurance, we do it all. We are the only travel group with a program that alerts us if your cruise fare has

dropped. We call this “Worry Free” travel!

4. Discount Airfares: We work with air consolidators who have purchased discounted air. Many times we get extreme Business Class discounts on flights if a cruise is a part of your trip.

5. Travel Insurance Experts: With our years of experience we understand the travel insurance policies. We will help you process a claim if necessary. Answering the claim questions correctly can make a big difference. A few days ago I received a call from a very happy couple thanking me for helping them get a refund on the trip they had to cancel.

6. Cruise Specialists. We specialize in ocean and river cruises. We know what rooms on a ship to choose, which cruise is the right one for your needs, what ports of call are interesting and what excursions to take.

Check out our beautiful website about river cruises. www.allaboutrivercruises.com

Give us a chance to make your your travel planning easier and better!

Two of my travel advisors; Laura Dodson to my left, Linda Sherry to my right. They have been with me since 2002!

Next Month: 200-Passenger Yacht Cruising