Beth and sister - Solo travel

Solo travel has been a trend for years but never so much since millennials starting prioritizing experiences over material purchases. I have seen it personally from my two millennial daughters in their presents to us. This Christmas, Pete and I received gift certificates for a dinner and show in Portland. We loved the idea.

Millennials also don’t mind exploring on their own. This phenomenon has caused travel companies to recognize the need to offer experiences with the solo traveler in mind.

Baby boomers are now part of the action. More and more are either traveling solo because their spouse can’tor doesn’t want to travel or there is no spouse or traveling companion. I find a lot of baby boomers want to travel with a friend but they don’t necessarily want to share a room.

That brings me to the pricing challenge on traveling solo. Whenever I talk about single supplement pricing my husband reminds me people don’t know what that means.

So I will tell you!

Cruise lines and tour companies pricing is usually per person double occupancy. That means you will pay double if you go alone. Double pricing is more prevalent

on cruises because the cruise lines really don’t care who is in the room as long as double occupancy pricing is being paid. With the land tour companies, only a portion of the cost is for the hotel room, so their pricing is higher for the solo traveler, but usually not double.

We have found this to be a huge problem for the solo/single traveler. So we’ve done something about it!

If you check our website, www.cruztrav. com and click on “Special Offers” you’ll see our page for “Single Supplement Vacation Offers”. These are just a few of the companies we have partnered with to bring you no or low single supplement prices. Plus, we have special pricing not shown on our website. You must call us to get the special offer. Many of our travel partners have said they won’t let us advertise no or low single supplement prices, but they will quote us when we ask them.

What are you waiting for? You aren’t getting any younger! Get out and see the world!

While you are on our website check out the trips we are escorting this year and come with us.

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