Traveling alone or solo travel, as it’s now called, has become quite popular. This is due to the increase of singles in the US. In the 1960’s 72% of adults over 18 were married. Among today’s growing single population, 63 percent have never been married, 23 percent are divorced, and 13 percent are widowed.

Historically, when you book a tour or a room on a cruise as a single, you are changed what is known as a single supplement. This is a premium charged to single travelers. The amount involved ranges from 10 to 100 percent of the standard accommodation rate.

Single travelers feel having to pay an additional amount is a form of discrimination. Tour companies and cruise lines have been forced to recognize there is a real need to service and market to single travelers.

A few ocean cruise lines have built new ships with the single traveler in mind. These new ships have rooms that accommodate only one person. The rooms are smaller than the normal size rooms for two people, but you aren’t paying a single supplement charge. One cruise line even has a lounge dedicated to those who are booked in the single staterooms. They are giving you an opportunity to meet each other!

A few river cruises also have single staterooms. There aren’t many so please consider booking a year or so in advance to make sure you get one of those.

On some occasions, the cruise lines and tour companies will waive the single supplement fee or greatly reduce it.

We receive a few calls a month asking us if we have a list of others who are looking for someone to travel with to share the cost and for companionship.

If you have any interest in being on our email list with this information email or call me with your contact information. When we are notified of these specials for the single traveler, we’ll let you know.

We can also introduce you to others who you may enjoy traveling with.

Several times a year we escort trips that many single travelers join us on. You can find those tours on our website. under Special Offers.

If you are truly a solo traveler who likes to travel by themselves, we plan wonderful and exciting trips based on your needs and desires. Working with us you really never travel alone.

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