Escorted Greek Isles | Ponant Smithsonian Journey


THE GREEK ISLES | ESCORTED 8 -DAY CRUISE | SEPT. 01, 2022 Escorted by Laura & Todd Dodson Join Laura and Todd Dodson on an all-inclusive cruise as they explore the Greek Islands on Ponant's new Le Bougainville. Occupancy is limited to only 184 guests. From Athens, set sail aboard for an 8-day [...]

Escorted Egypt & Nile | Elegance of the Nile


ELEGANCE OF THE NILE | ESCORTED 10 - DAY TOUR | DEC. 03, 2022 Escorted by Beth & Pete Schulberg Join Beth and Pete  Schulberg as they explore the elegance of the Nile and Egypt. Pharaohs, mummies, pyramids, golden treasures, the Sahara Desert, and the River Nile are just some of the [...]



Premium Cruises & Cruise Lines Premium cruise lines as a rule provide a more subdued atmosphere and refined style, with the ships tending to be midsize to large vessels that carrying 500 to 2500 fewer passengers in slightly more comfort. On board activities lean towards the more lifestyle-oriented; computer classes, foreign-language lessons, and [...]



Luxury Cruises & Cruising While almost all cruises provide a sense of luxury, these cruise lines set themselves apart by offering exclusive amenities to their passengers and creating a sense of intimacy not usually attained on larger ships. You can expect fewer passengers, elegant dining in a relaxed atmosphere and hand-crafted meals designed [...]

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