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Travels with Beth & Friends

Welcome to “Travels with Beth & Friends”, our travel blog. Here you will find interesting articles, advice, travel tips, vacation reviews and much more. Beth and here team of travel advisors have been all over the world and look forward to sharing their experiences with our readers. Enjoy!

Solo Travel

Solo travel has been a trend for years but never so much since millennials starting prioritizing experiences over material purchases. I have seen it personally from my two millennial daughters in their presents to us. This Christmas, Pete and I received gift certificates for a dinner and show in Portland. We loved the idea.


What an experience I had while visiting Egypt in December! My message to you is Egypt is not only safe but the Egyptian people were very welcoming and friendly. The ancient Egyptian story is a great one. From 3000 BC until 332 BC, 30 dynasty's ruled the county until Alexander the Great conquered the country...