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You’ve been planning that trip of a lifetime and are so excited to go. These are just 10 events that could happen.

Your phone rings and a close family member is ill.
You are in a car accident on the way to the airport.
You just find out the airline you are flying on has filed bankruptcy.
A hurricane has destroyed the resort where you have reservations.
Your flights have been cancelled.
Your luggage doesn’t show up at the airport.
Walking down the street in Spain, someone bumps into you and steals your wallet.
You become ill on a ship or someplace far away from a hospital.
That cathedral is so beautiful, you step off a  curb and break your ankle.
Before your trip, a terror strike has happened at your destination.

No one likes to think about these things when they are planning that trip of a lifetime. But life can come at us fast and having travel insurance can take some of the sting out of the these unforeseen incidences that happen.

We sell a policy that we think is the best coverage for your travel needs. It’s a package policy covering you for 24/7 travel assistant, medical expense while on the trip, reimbursement for trip cancellation for a covered reason, trip interruption coverage 

covering your flights to return home and reimbursing you for any part of your trip that you missed, lost luggage, baggage delay, severe weather, strike and medical evacuations.

The premium is based on your non refundable expenses and your age. Kids under the age of 17 have complimentary coverage when traveling with adults. A good rule of thumb is expect to pay 6-10% of those non refundable expenses.

When should you buy the insurance? If you or anyone in your life has a pre-existing condition that would stop you from going on this trip, travel insurance must be purchased within 15 days of making the deposit to cover that condition.

Most travel insurance polices will transport you to the closest hospital in an emergency. I can’t think of anything worse than being in a hospital in a foreign country for days, perhaps weeks, where English is not spoken.

We offer an inexpensive policy that will arrange medical transportation to your home hospital if you become hospitalized internationally or domestically – 150 miles or more from home. Check out our website for details. and click on our resources tab.

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