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TAHITI opens up for tourists on July 15th. It’s very easy to get from LAX to Tahiti on a non stop 8 hour flight. Tahiti is a great escape for those who are looking to relax in beautiful weather and enjoy the pristine clear waters. There are two small cruise lines that will start to sail again in July. Several resorts hotels are opening up as well. Flights are discounted through our travel partners. Tahiti has been Covid-19 free since May 29th and they want to insure they stay that way. Air Tahiti Nui requires every passenger to show a negative test result from a Covid-19 test within 72 hours of boarding the flight. Cruise ships have their own safety precautions to insure a safe vacation.

ALASKA is open and has the same 72 hour negative Covid-19 test result requirement as Tahiti to enter. 2020 is the year to go to Alaska! No ships over 100 passengers are allowed to sail this year so you will be seeing Alaska as it was meant to be seen. There will be very few tourists. If you are still not sure about getting on a ship, how does a fabulous land tour sound? We have several options for you. If you’re

looking for a family vacation or as a couple, we can arrange a week long trip. You will go on a float trip down the Portage river, a day cruise in the Kenai Fjords where you’ll see calving of glaciers and marine wildlife, go fishing, and take a plane or helicopter over Denali National Park. There is even dogsledding on top fo the glacier. No passport is necessary.

Another great option is to visit the NATIONAL PARKS in our own country! We can make all your arrangements. Take a flight and hike in the Grand Canyon, a boat ride in spectacular Lake Powell, see Iconic Vistas of the Monument Valley, visit the sand sculptures in Arches National Park, and end the week rafting on the Colorado River in Moab all in one week.

HAWAII will reopen to visitors with NO quarantine required with a negative COVID-19 test beginning August 1, 2020.

We are here to guide you through these very different travel procedures.

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