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Do you know the difference in airline seats between “basic economy” and “main cabin?” How about the advantages of “comfort plus” and “first class” compared to “Delta One?” If you aren’t confused, you should be!

Here’s where your travel professional becomes more valuable to you than you’d ever thought possible. We do know the different options for you to select from and get you unbelievable discounts, to boot.

To give you an example of the myriad of choices, Delta just came out with the class of service called, “Basic Economy.” No frills. This is a quote for Delta’s website. “You’ll still enjoy the same Main Cabin experience at a lower cost, in exchange for fewer options like receiving your seat assignment after check in.” Whoever enjoyed Delta’s main cabin to begin with … much less that middle seat you’re sure to get at check in?

Pay a little more for their “Main Cabin” experience. You’ll get to select your seats. Or you can upgrade to “Delta Comfort Plus” for an additional cost of $89 to $159 for “up to 4 inches of extra legroom and dedicated overhead bin space just for your items.” Who knew that the bin over your head was ever in question?

If you select “Delta Premium,” you get to “recline, relax, watch and power up.” Better than “Comfort Plus,” but you must purchase this class of service at the time of booking.

Of course, you know about “First Class” on domestic flights. Those are the seats you’ve passed while walking to your middle seat in the “Basic Economy” section. Now we have “Delta One.” Delta did away with the two classes of service First and Business on international flights and meshed the two classes together. Just to confuse us even more, they changed the name from “Business/First” to “Delta One.” 180 degree flat-bed seats and services that almost make you feel like you are lounging in a spa.

Now for the good news: You probably think you have access to the same fares on the Internet that we travel agents do. Not true! We have access to airline consolidators that only work with travel agents. On Premium Class and Business Class the savings can be significant to you. We work with an airline consolidator who has negotiated lower Business Class air fares for those going on a cruise. These low prices make us giddy sometimes!

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